Turn your Videos into Gorgeous Interactive Video Experiences.

Ozivi lets you create, record and share personalized videos to new leads and customers.
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Interact and engage with your audience in real-time with Ozivi

Interactive Video Mindmaps For For effective collaboration 3X productivity To Sell To Your Clients

Make Your Business Appear High Tech & Futuristic & Impress Viewers From The Get Go

Collect & Share Video Testimonials On The Fly

Create Experiences Inside Emails For 400% Higher Conversions

Create Beautiful Interactive Video Courses, Presentations, Video Sales Letters, Video Funnels, Video Testimonials, Overlays, Squeeze Pages, Pop-Ups, Video Sales Pages & much much more.

IPC-E Powered A.I Technology That Will Serve You For Years With 24/7/365 Uptime

Hijack And Sell Right Inside YouTube And Vimeo Videos

Lightning Fast Rendering Speed So You Don’t Have To wait Ages Just To Preview Your Creation

Proven To Get 1,300% More Clicks, 200% More Leads, 400% More Conversions Time And Time Again

Take Advantage Of REAL A.I Technology That Gives Customers What They Want

Over 2000 businesses and individuals are leveraging Ozivi to accelerate growth

The #1 Interactive Video Platform

Experience The Most ADVANCED Video Technology In The World That Turns Videos Into Interactive Video Experiences

First Ever “IPC-E” Based A.I Technology that Turns Your Videos Into Drop-Dead Gorgeous & Profitable Interactive Video Experiences.

1. Upload, Record, Create or Share Videos in Ozivi

Automatically send personalized videos to new leads, signups, or inquiries through integration with your CRM

2. Turn Videos into Interactive Experiences

"Effortlessly record and send personalized videos to ensure each new lead feels valued and recognized.

3. Share & Present Videos to Convert more leads & Sales

Increase responses and drive further action by including links to your website, calendar, or other resources in your videos.

Powerful Integrations

Send videos at the perfect moment by connecting
your tools to Ozivi

Unleash the power of diversity with our product!
Who is Using Ozivi Interactive Videos

OZIVI Testimonials

Easily collect and publish testimonials without any coding required

“With Ozivi video messaging, you can easily build a loyal customer base. Utilize this customer satisfaction by gathering video and text testimonials with Ozivi’s Testimonials feature. Share these testimonials on your website, social media, and in emails to boost your sales and marketing efforts.”

Effortlessly gather testimonials

Quickly create customer-friendly testimonial requests and share them easily with a simple link.

Efficiently manage testimonials

Centralize all of your customer feedback in one location, and use tags to keep them organized.

Easily share customer feedback

One-click publishing to your website, or download testimonials to share on social media or through email.

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Affiliates & Vendors Have To Say
About Us
Steve loves his customers and his recip game is top-notch… Be rest assured, you and your customers are in safe hands.
Misan Morrison
Internet Marketer
Steve Is a Top Affiliate Who Doesn't Launch Often But When He Does, He Brings Quality Products With Kickass Marketing.
Neil Napier
Internet Marketer
For the past couple of years, I’ve worked with Steve as both a vendor and an Affiliate and I can deeply commend his work ethic and commitment to his customers and products.
Abhi Dwivdi
Internet Marketer
Steve is a very good affiliate and has driven lots of sales to my promotions and products. When he has something ready for market I pay attention. He really cares for his customers and create quality solutions to solve problems and help them to make money. He is an excellent partner to have and I love working with him. I’m sure this next release will be a blockbuster as well.
Sam Bakker
Internet Marketer
Ozivi is yet another solid product from Steve and his team. It’s easily one of the best products I have came across and used, the features are relevant and rock-solid. I really love the way they stacked so much value into the FE and the entire funnel. This is brilliant! Steve is a great guy to work with and I would highly recommend to not miss a chance promote this.
Ifiok Nkem
Internet Marketer
Getting Started With Ozivi Is
As Easy As Taking Just 3 Steps

Step #1

Create a new video or link your old videos to Ozivi

Step #1

Create a new video or link your old videos to Ozivi

Step #2

Turn Them Into Interactive
Experiences (IPC-E)


Step #3

Explode Your Results Or Sell These Experiences To High Paying

Step #3

Explode Your Results Or Sell These Experiences To High Paying

Market Leaders & Multi-Billion Dollar
Companies Already Know This
Current Technology Can Only Get You So Far And
You CANNOT Do It Yourself

Additionally, the lack of accessible technology for beginners to create interactive experiences is a significant issue.

Existing solutions fall short, as they are technologically limited and not user-friendly for those without technical expertise..

The reason is simple, they are highly limited technologically, and not beginner friendly.

These technologies often only offer basic interactive elements and are based on outdated versions from 2018 or earlier, rendering them obsolete in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

A Hot New Agency Service
To Sell To Your Clients

This is a special for the launch of OZIVI as we have no plans to provide such a valuable commercial license long term.

Instead of an upsell, we provide OZIVI on this special launch with a fully licensed commercial license.

Now let’s talk about why you even need it and how profitable it is.

As we’ve established, Interactive Video Experiences are a must have tool in every businesses arsenal.

And It’s Becoming Essential For All Video Success.

Currently on the freelance market and on the agency market these videos go for hundreds up to THOUSANDS of dollars per video, depending on the length and how much depth is needed in the project.

Just one good sale will take you roughly a few hours to execute inside OZIVI, but that sale will earn over $1,500.

And smaller videos with less depth, will take you minutes to complete, earning you over $400 per sale.

And, since there is no competition, high demand, we are banking like mad and we expect this to triple next year.

It’s One Of The Biggest Opportunities With OZIVI,
And For This Launch Special, You Get It As A Free Bonus. So don’t miss it.

Right Inside YouTube And Vimeo Videos

OZIVI allows you to create and edit videos and turn them into experiences, but since OZIVI was created by marketers for marketers, we also have a very powerful feature-set that allows you to take ANY youtube and vimeo video and legally HIJACK them and turn them Into your own profitable video experiences.

In just a few clicks you can import a video from youtube or vimeo
and add your own branding, overlays, call to actions, interactive elements, design elements, affiliate links, logo’s and much more.

You Can Even Customize The Player To Custom-Fit Your Vision,

And Take Advantage Of All The Traffic, Attention And Success Of Other Videos, With Your Own, Interactive Personal Touch.

However, With The Right Technology,
It’s Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

But when you DO have technology like this, things become easy.

How easy?

First off, we’ve been experiencing MASSIVE profits and an instant and long term increase in every single aspect of our business.

From clicks, to going viral, to more trust, to much bigger profits, to higher ROI.

Literally the majority of the videos we have on the internet right now are INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES created with OZIVI A.I.

And Now, It’s Your Opportunity To Join Us,
Without Breaking The Bank


Creates And Turns Any Video You Want Into
Profitable, Sellable And Viral
Interactive Experiences

It’s based On The IPC-E Core Tech, Which Stands For Interactive,
Personalized, Conversational Experiences.

Bit Of A Mouthful, I Know, But Listen To Me, When It Comes To Results. We Are #1.

And You’re Going To See Exactly Why.

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