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You Are Using Less Than 1% Of OZIVI’s Potential

Due To Server & Feature Restrictions

In a few moments I’ll explain exactly WHY you are restricted in the first place, and it’ll all make sense to you, so before you start calling me names, hear me out.

The reason your account is restricted to it’s set of features you’ve purchased OZIVI with, and nothing more (while you can have alot more) is because of the server limits and expenses, which can’t be covered by a single low one time fee..

Which is why we separated the unlimited into an optional upgrade.

Here, take a look at your current limitations:

Your Current Account Restrictions: 

Lacking Some AMAZING Features

We Just Couldn’t Place Inside
The Entry Level Package

Dynamic Video Customizations

Overlay Text on Videos

Interactive Call to Actions - Text, Video & Audio

Ask Questions & Get Answers

Book Appointments with Calendars - Calendly Integrations

Add Unlimited Buttons

Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

Custom Thumbnails

Text and Image Logo Watermarks with Positions

In-Depth & Insightful Analytics

Exact Watch Time

Impression Click-Through Rate

Unique Impression & Unique Impression CTR

Average Stick Time Length

Button & Link Clicks

Email Subscriptions

Disengagement Rate

Call to Action Points

Video Shares

Traffic Source Types

Device & Browsers

Viewers Country Location

CREATE Unlimited Teams

10 Member Accounts Per Team

Add Sub-Users To Your Account

Add Clients Access Account

Create & Manage Client Projects

Action Button Design Templates

New templates to take your action buttons to the next level.

Not just new templates, but the Action Button animations will make your Video Funnels even more eye catching and interacting.

500+ New Premium Fonts Added to Style your overlay texts, CTA elements

CTA Actions now supports Custom HTML to even embed Amazon Products and Ads inside your Videos.

Meaning, you can embed your ecommerce products right inside the videos and increase your sales

AND Still,

These Limitations Are Enough For You To

Achieve Huge Success With OZIVI

Don’t get me wrong, you got OZIVI, you got the best package we can possibly offer for that price, and it’s enough for you to achieve the success and everything we promised.

But It’s Less Than 1% Of Your Potential

And that just means you’re either going to hit a wall at some point because you’ve scaled too much for your package or you won’t have access to all the features we can offer.

It’s not a question of success or not, it’s a question of how much success and how QUICKLY you can get it.

And for that, we created this special optional upgrade.

Your Potential After Going Unlimited:

In-Depth & Insightful Analytics

In-Depth & Insightful Analytics

Action Button Design Templates

Increase your Sales

And These Are All NEW Features Added Into Your Account Automatically After Upgrading:

So Why Not Go Unlimited?

Especially With This Price…

It’s really a no brainer in terms of what you get and the price that this package costs.

Unlimited doesn’t just mean you get no limits and some new features.

AND Still,

50X, 100X, 500X Your Potential Profit

Without ANY Added Stress

Here’s the thing, when you go unlimited, you’re not just removing a big block on your way to success.

By going unlimited, you are not restricting how much money your business can make, In fact, if you sell $50 a pop and you reach your limit, your business stops right there and then.

But when there’s no limit, you just sell, and customers can buy without any issues, the servers are upgraded so even with more traffic and sales, your marketplace will still load, perform and rank highly.

We’ve Got You Covered With


OZIVI Pro Unlocks

The FULL Potential Of OZIVI,

For The Newest, Highest Converting
Stock Resources

Lift All Limits Once

& For All Without Breaking The Bank!

Your Current Package Contains:

What’s New
In This Upgrade:

Increase your Sales