Experience The Most ADVANCED Video Technology 

In The World That Turns Videos Into

Interactive Video Experiences That Get
13X More Clicks, 400% More Leads And Doubles Your Sales INSTANTLY.

Video Marketers Reading This – Attendance Is Critical If You Care About How Your Business Looks To Your Audience, If Your Videos Are Underperforming And You’re Not Sure Why, And If You’d Like To Tap Into A Profitable & New Agency Opportunity

It’s Going To be HUGE!

Webinar Information

January 25th at 10:00 AM EST
Expected Running Time
1 hour and 15 minutes
Interactive Video Experiences, New Agency Service For Clients, Going Viral Fast, Making Your Videos Profitable Instantly & More.
What To Prepare
Prepare a notepad or any type of document you can write notes on, we will be revealing plenty interesting facts you didn’t know about this industry and how it relates to marketers such as you.
Why Attend This Webinar
& What Will You Learn?
Why regular videos are dying, and this time for real, and
How to fix it and stand out in this tough marketplace.
How to use the newest and most advanced form of video,
Interactive Video Experiences to explode your business overnight.
How to sell this new form of video
as a freelancer and earn 5 figures per month
A full demonstration of the technology
we’re using to do that, OZIVI, which is an IPC-E based interactive video technology.
A special bundle deal at the end of the webinar with
many bonuses and discounts and free gifts.
Cash prizes & free copies
will be given away on the webinar to engaging attendees.

And Much Much More..
So Make Sure You Do NOT Miss This Webinar

So What Are You Waiting For?

RSVP And Join Us LIVE On January 25th At 10: AM EST

See You Inside,
Your Host,

Steve Tari

Founder @OZIVI


Creates And Turns Any Video You Want Into

Profitable, Sellable And Viral

Interactive Experiences

It’s based On The IPC-E Core Tech, Which Stands For Interactive,
Personalized, Conversational Experiences.

Bit Of A Mouthful, I Know, But Listen To Me, When It Comes To Results. We Are #1.

And You’re Going To See Exactly Why.

Ozivi A.I Works

In Just 3 Easy Steps:

Step #1

Link Video(s) Into Ozivi

Your Video(s) Into OZIVI or Create One From Scratch Using Our World Class Video Builder

Step #2


Your Videos Into Interactive Video Experiences With Amazing & Intuitive Customizations

Step #3


Your Experiences Right Inside Emails, Web Pages, Articles & Even Inside Videos, All With One Little Piece Of Copy Paste Code.

Experience Ozivi

Yourself Right Now:

Use Case 1  : Doctor Booking Appointments with Patients

Use Case 2 : Maria Promoting her Online Coaching Classes & Taking Opinion Polls on Most Used Programming Language

Use Case 3 : Matthew Running a Contest & Collecting Customer Testimonials for his Product Feedback

IPC-E Powered A.I Technology

That Will Serve You For Years
With 24/7/365 Uptime

OZIVI is powered by a powerful A.I engine called IPC-E, it’s an extremely robust & reliable system that was created to stand the test of time, and continue being market leading for YEARS and even decades to come.

With 24/7/365 uptime and a robust A.I setup, you can rely on this to be your go-to tool for Interactive Video Experiences for years to come.

A Hot New Agency Service

To Sell To Your Clients

This is a special for the launch of OZIVI as we have no plans to provide such a valuable commercial license long term.

Instead of an upsell, we provide OZIVI on this special launch with a fully licensed commercial license.

Now let’s talk about why you even need it and how profitable it is.

As we’ve established, Interactive Video Experiences are a must have tool in every businesses arsenal.

And It’s Becoming Essential For All Video Success.

Currently on the freelance market and on the agency market these videos go for hundreds up to THOUSANDS of dollars per video, depending on the length and how much depth is needed in the project.

Just one good sale will take you roughly a few hours to execute inside OZIVI, but that sale will earn over $1,500.

And smaller videos with less depth, will take you minutes to complete, earning you over $400 per sale.

And, since there is no competition, high demand, we are banking like mad and we expect this to triple next year.

It’s One Of The Biggest Opportunities With OZIVI,
And For This Launch Special, You Get It As A Free Bonus. So Don’t miss it.


Right Inside YouTube And Vimeo Videos

OZIVI allows you to create and edit videos and turn them into experiences, but since OZIVI was created by marketers for marketers, we also have a very powerful feature-set that allows you to take ANY youtube and vimeo video and legally HIJACK them and turn them Into your own profitable video experiences.

In just a few clicks you can import a video from youtube or vimeo
and add your own branding, overlays, call to actions, interactive elements, design elements, affiliate links, logo’s and much more.

You Can Even Customize The Player To Custom-Fit Your Vision,

And Take Advantage Of All The Traffic, Attention And Success Of Other Videos, With Your Own, Interactive Personal Touch.

A New Dawn In

Technological Advancement

While the very limited selection of Interactive Video technologies exists, it is very dated and limited.

Limited in features, limited in vision, limited in customization.

And, the technology itself is dated,
focusing only on getting viewers to click on the videos and interact with them.

OZIVI Is A Technological Marvel, A 2023 Technology,
With An Array Of Powerful Features

Ranging from having the ability to profit from experiences right inside emails, Yes, your email subscribers can interact with your videos inside emails with this.

All the way to automatically collecting customer testimonials
on the fly via the video they’re watching, capturing their email addresses in 1 click, and many more features detailed below.

Appear High Tech & Futuristic &

Impress Viewers From The Get Go

Like I Said And The Data Shows,
People Need to Feel Seen And Heard

When they do, they reward you with their attention, trust and their money.

People get excited when they experience a truly unique and immersive video, and they will remember you because you’re one of the few that provides that.

You will be known for being on the top of the game from the get go.

No more will customers ignore you, skip your videos, and be skeptical about you.

They’ll be impressed from the get go, and your profits, clicks, trust, sales, subscribers, everything will show a significant increase.

That Is Without Question.

Lightning Fast Rendering Speed

One of the biggest challenges that people face when creating videos, let alone Interactive videos, are long, tiresome Rendering Speeds.

OZIVI is built on powerful, robust & light-weight servers that ensure that your video renders are quick, efficient and in the highest quality.

Now you can preview, edit and publish an experience in minutes instead of HOURS..

And with our 24/7/365 uptime guarantee, you will find using OZIVI is a breath of fresh air.

Collect & Share Video Testimonials On The Fly

One of the ways we go viral so fast & why trust is so quick to build among our visitors and viewers is because OZIVI allows viewers to quickly record and submit a video testimonial for using your service on the fly.

That’s right, as they watch your video(s), interact with them, consume your content, and take action.

OZIVI Automatically recommends them the option to record and submit a testimonial right there without leaving the page, and they can, while watching the content.

All while after the testimonial is up and running, you can share it on the internet and even on your website/video in 1 click.

Create Experiences For Emails For 400% Higher Conversions

Among the many ways we use email in OZIVI, just 1 click lead collection right inside your video experience, we are the first and only technology on JVZOO that allows you to create interactive video experiences and embed them into emails.

This means your subscribers will be able to interact and make purchases right inside their inbox, this is an extremely powerful feature which gets up to 4x more sales from the same emails.

Go Viral Faster Than A Virus

Why do people share a video these days?

Because it left some kind of impact on them.

People don’t just share anything, if so, all of our regular videos would be making us millions organically.

You need to leave a strong, first impression and provide them an experience they can’t forget. And when you do that, with OZIVI, they will be compelled to share the experience they just had, getting you more clicks, organically, without extra work.

Plus, since you’ll be among the first to do so, you will have the upper hand as your viewers don’t seem to find similar experiences anywhere else. Only with you, since you have OZIVI.

Create Experiences For Emails For 400% Higher Conversions

Video Sales Letters, Video Funnels, Video Testimonials, Overlays, Squeeze Pages, Pop-Ups, Video Sales Pages & Much Much More.

OZIVI Isn’t just a generic Interactive Video Creator, since it was created by marketers for marketers, we have your success in mind.

With OZIVI you can create dozens of types of interactive video experiences for your digital marketing business.

With OZIVI in just a few clicks you can generate extensive video funnels, video courses, video pop-ups, video sales pages and video lead pages, video testimonials, presentations and much more, fully interactive, engaging, immersive and profitable.

OZIVI Is Designed To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Efforts

Explode Every Single Aspect

Of Your Business Instantly & Permanently

This may be a big promise, but I assure you, It’s 100% correct and backed by stats.

We’ve established how powerful Interactive Video Experiences are,
But let’s dive deeper into how far reaching the benefits of using it are.

Not only your email results will increase, not only you will go viral, not only you will make more sales and profits from each video, and not only you’ll leave a long lasting impression.

You’ll also get more clicks to ANYTHING, more SEO rankings, that’s because with OZIVI we made sure these interactive video experiences are immersive, marketing focused and long lasting.

Expect an improvement across all your business models and income channels instantly.

Take Advantage Of REAL A.I Technology

That Gives Customers What They Want

While You Profit In Every Single Aspect Of Your Business

As you can see all over the page, our motto is give them what they want and they’ll reward you with their attention, time, money and trust.

Do you have a subscriber list? If so, OZIVI can create interactive experiences right inside emails.

You have videos, training videos, sales videos on your web page?

Then OZIVI in just 3 clicks will turn that into a full blown, immersive interactive experience where viewers can enjoy a feedback loop on constant communication, and have them GLUED to the screen for the ENTIRE length of your video.

Unheard of.

The same goes for clicks, conversions, leads, every single aspect of your business will increase instantly without question.

It’s Going To be HUGE!

Thank You For Your Time,

Steve Tari

& The Entire OZIVI Team

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