Share fast screen recordings to
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Capture and share video demos, walkthroughs and tutorials to educate and
support your prospects and customers throughout their journey

Elevate your customer education with the power of video

Ozivi's free screen recorder offers a comprehensive set of features designed to facilitate video support across all your customer touch-points.

Fast HD recording

Capture and instantly share webcam videos or screen recordings with unparalleled speed. Enjoy standard 1080p recording quality, and benefit from unlimited video storage included in your Bonjoro account.

Custom templates

Personalize the appearance of your videos by incorporating your own logo and branding elements, as well as compelling calls to action that prompt your prospects or customers to take the desired next step.

Quick sharing

Effortlessly share your videos by embedding a thumbnail into your emails or distributing a simple link across any desired platform.

Instant tracking

Gain valuable insights into the engagement of your recordings by monitoring the number of views they receive and tracking the interaction with your call to action.

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